We are iMi

  Info Media Innovation co.,Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative educational services with a blend of learning innovation and technology. We focus on offering the innovative educational experience based on your vision and business goal requirements. We have both international and local educational advisors to determine relevant solutions for your business.
  We aim to improve our clients’ learning experience through customized educational solutions. Our service portfolio includes:
  • Customizing e-Learning systems, planning curriculum, designing training course, and evaluating system effectiveness.
  • Instructional design for e-Learning effectiveness.
  • Game-based learning to engage children in learning activities through simulated environments that promote learning and development cognitive and social skills.
  • Mobile app development. We will work with you to bring your great idea to life with a smart business App strategy.
  Our product development for educational businesses is guided by a strong commitment to research and development. Our product portfolio includes:
  • Chalk - A flexible learning management system along with extensive features that supports all kinds of online learning, teaching, and tutoring.
  • The Englishman Series for Thai children–The Englishman series offer kids a chance to explore English language in an exciting and engaging manner through playful activities adventures, animations, and songs.
  • Mobile Apps : Kamnan Sticker, Kamnan สู้ไม่ถอย, Real Whistle, Kiddy Dance Club, The Englishman App.
  • Sticker Line : Our cartoon characters will make your chats with joy and laughter.





Our Vision: To continuously facilitate our clients produce innovative educational products to support learning innovation and change.


Our Mission: To be recognized as one of the leading educational service providers committed to low cost and efficient solutions to educational problems.

Our clients range from government organizations to private corporations. We thank them for their collaborative and productive association with us.


We would be glad to respond to your questions We can also arrange a demo to serve your educational needs.

Call us on 029549315-6 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more about our products Let us know if we can be of any assistance.